Priorities of inclusive development of Ukrainian regions

Keywords: inclusive development, investment, innovations, competition, mobility of population, Ukrainian regions


Inclusive growth is the growth that allows attracting most of labour resources to efficient economic activity and thus securing higher level of life for larger share of population. Special attention is paid to distribution aspects of wellbeing and growing anti-discrimination. People can benefit from economic growth as passive actors, not participating actively in the increase of income or GDP but only due to distribution policy. It is a common practice in most countries, not only poor and developing ones. In this case, to successfully implement the plan the economy should be not only sustainable, but also more inclusive and impartial, because availability of all types of resources is of the major importance in maintaining inclusive economic growth directed at improvement of human wellbeing. Like in the world, in Ukraine inclusive development can play an essential role in the realities of administrative-territorial reform and become the basis for improvement of residents’ wellbeing.

The paper aims to define major problems of inclusive development of Ukrainian regions.

The paper examines relevant issues of inclusive development. The importance of inclusive development of Ukrainian regions is substantiated and main preconditions of transition to inclusive development are outlined. Foreign experience of regions’ inclusive development is examined. Main factors of inclusiveness and ways of their application are outlined. The paper proves that currently to be competitive and have sustainable economic growth it is necessary to form the inclusive economy development. Therefore, understanding the challenges and global problems emerging daily before humanity, it is necessary to address inclusive development at local or national levels combined with openness and innovative nature of regions’ economy. It will secure the socio-economic effect, sustainable economic growth and improvement of human wellbeing in the long-term perspective.


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