Analysis of the external and internal factors influence on implementation the process of innovation marketing testing

Keywords: innovation, informatization, corruption, innovation cycle


It is analyzed the place and indicators of Ukraine in the ratings of different spheres: innovation, information and public administration. The following ratings were used in the research: Networked Readiness Index, The Global Innovation Index and Corruption Perception Index. Independent evaluation of international organizations made it possible to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the Ukrainian economy. The main problems of Ukraine are unstable political and regulatory spheres, distrust of ship and legislative systems, high level of corruption, low level of business automation. The strengths of Ukraine include human capital both in the field of science and intellectual property, and in the IT sphere. Based on this it is identified the problems that may arise in domestic enterprises in the implementing process of innovation marketing testing.

Marketing testing is proposed to be introduced not only at the final stages of innovation development, but throughout the entire cycle from analyzing of the internal and external capabilities of the enterprise to launching the product on the market. Therefore, external (state, competitors, economic players) and internal (staff, management, business processes, organizational structure) factors that affect marketing testing depending on the stage of the innovation development cycle were also identified.


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