The enterprise economic potential structure in implementation of the development innovation-investment model

Keywords: economic potential of enterprise, economic entity, agrarian sector, innovative and investment model of development, scientific approach, components of enterprise potential


The growth need in the innovative and investment potential of agricultural business entities is driven by the ongoing changes in the global economy. Particular attention needs to be given to the resourcing of the innovation potential of such enterprises. It is proposed to consider the potential of agricultural business entities in the context of the system. The essence of the economic system is determined as an orderly aggregate of economic interconnections and relations established in the processes of production, exchange and consumption of goods at the different levels. It is suggested to consider such a system from the standpoint of resource, functional, and resource targets concepts. The system-forming characteristics of the potential are presented. The main characteristics of the potential are given. The expediency of using functional or economic-mathematical models is substantiated to study the economic potential of enterprises. Approaches to economic potential formation of the enterprise are considered. It is established that the essence of a systematic approach is to determine the interconnections of elements, the identification of the input and output of the system, the presence of feedback. The orientation of marketing approaches is focused on the needs of the consumer. Functional approaches represent the search for innovative solutions, the implementation of which is aimed at meeting existing or potential customer requests. Reproductive approaches determine the need to use comparison bases for the constant updating of goods and products. Innovative approaches are to enhance the innovation performance of agricultural enterprises. The essence of regulatory approaches is based on the use of certain defined standards. Integrated approaches are based on taking into account a group of enterprise activity aspects. Integration approaches are focused and bring together different components of potential. Dynamic approaches take into account the results of a retrospective analysis of enterprise's potential characteristics. The components of economic potential are characterized - production, scientific and technical, management, marketing, logistical, infrastructural, industrial, information potential, etc. The main characteristics and structural features of the enterprise economic potential are outlined.


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